Build impact reports with more accuracy with less effort.

Get world-class economic impact study for all of your projects.

Secure and Lighting Quick Reports for Economic Developers Everywhere

Instant Calculations. Over 1,000 inputs and over 50,000 potential inputs.

Efficient and Accessible. Requires minimal background in economic impact analysis.

Customizable. Print from one-page summary to full detailed report with your branding.

Dedicated. Our tools are backed by a professional team ensuring the data is run against the most fresh data in the industry.

About the service

Imagine a way where you can just skip all of the steps in producing an excellent impact analysis and just have a report in your hands. That's what we do.

There's just the report for you to consume or share. You don't have to deal with multiple spreadsheets, collect relevant information, manually build word documents, and design charts. You only need to input the relevant information about your project and select the appropriate report.


You can produce analysis anywhere from 1 year to 30 years' span.


data sources

Your results are calculated from several data sources to ensure accuracy.


Report Templates

We always are adding and improving our templates so you get the best for the same price.


NAICS codes

You can add up to 2 NAICS code per project!


Custom Branding

We offer font selections and branding options to personalize your reports.



We use data from BLS, US Census, State Workforce Commissions, Tax, Treasury, and many other sources to ensure we calculate the most accurate impacts for your projects

ED Impact Analysis lets you run tailored made impact analysis scenarios across two separate NAICS codes per project. It will allow you to calculate impacts for up to 30 years using over a dozen data sources to calculate the impacts. With ED Impact Analysis, you get a comprehensive view of the project and its impact on incremental tax revenue and total output for the specific community as well as the greater area.

How it works

Our process is extremely intitutive and simple. The main goal of our service is to save you as much time, and yet keep as much data handy to you.

The app is designed to allow you modify your projects as many times you'd like, all starting with a simple initial set up with us.

Setting Up

You will go through the initial stage of setting up the account with us. We tailor our proprietary systems to fit your needs (locality, taxes, benefits, commute features, and tens more).


You input information that's essential to your project. We offer two NAICS codes per project, and several other inputs that radically simplify your calculations and projections.


Every single project is different. Our service offers a customizable tab where you can see all of the important numbers you need to tweak.


We offer a full glance of the results. This makes for a convenient way to know exactly what you are printing out or for extracting such data.


Choose from a growing library of report formats. We customize each PDF format with a custom selection of font, colors, and branding that is consistent with your organization.

Rinse and Repeat

We offer unlimited projects and adjustments. You will be able to produce as many reports as you wish.

About the company

We are here to empower economic development practitioners with better and more accessible models.

Not everybody has access or time to produce advanced impact models. It is our mission to give economic development practitioners the leverage of accurate results to produce more wins and more knowledge at their fingertips. Johan, the CEO, from his own experience working in various Economic Development offices, knew making an accurate report was a lot of work. Ensuring that data was accurate also was a whole another game. Thus this service was established to assist others with their calculations. We wish to give the big players more accuracy and the smaller players a better chance to understand their location's potential.

About the team

Johan Salén

Founder and CEO

With over 12 years of experience in economic impact analysis and deal structuring for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the City of New York, and the State of Louisiana, Johan founded ED Impact Analysis for the purpose of providing quality analysis in an easy-to-use format. Before founding ED Impact Analysis, Johan served as head of the incentives division with Virginia Economic Development Partnership. He has previous experience as Vice President of the Strategic Investments Group with New York City Economic Development Corporation and as Director of Deal Structuring & Valuation for the State of Louisiana. He started his career doing strategic purchasing for Procter & Gamble in Geneva, Switzerland.

Seth Gore

Co-founder and CTO

Seth Gore is seasoned in developing business applications that generate immense value for their customers. Well into his 10th year as a software engineer and into his 5th year of software engineering leadership, Seth builds to ensure the highest customer happiness and security of their needs. He has delivered various web apps that involve complex requirements and interactive aspects, including several start ups that has come to become successes.